As Built Survey

As-built surveys are needed to record variations from original Engineering plans to what is actually built. As-built surveys are required by many agencies to prove the location of a structure at a point in time. Many agencies need the as-built surveys for the actual locations of underground improvements. These are especially important for maintenance and future development of the site.

As-built surveys can also help engineers see what was actually built and to make sure it was built within applicable tolerance. The accuracy of the as-built locations of a structure is critical. It is important to have equipment and the experience necessary to locate and gather the information for the client. Our crews are equipped with the latest surveying technology to efficiently and accurately meet our clients needs.

Measured Building Survey

Floor Plans, Lease Plans, Area Plans, Legal Plans, Elevations, Cross Sections, Roof Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans, 3D wire frames, Rendered CAD models, BIM, Verticality Profiles, Verticality Monitoring, Fly Throughs, Precise Floor Slab Surveys, using the latest remote laser measuring equipment Sakshi Survey Engineering building division can provide detailed building surveys to suit all your measured building survey requirements.

Projects range from private residential houses to properties such as Woburn Abbey and Highbury Stadium for minor extensions or major re-modelling.

Our expertise and experience plus continued investment in specialist equipment and software mean that we can offer a cost-effective solution for all types of building.

Pipline Survey

Our role in building and maintaining natural gas and liquid pipelines stems from the core of our business: civil surveying services. Utilizing a company history of many more years of surveying experience, we are devoted to understanding the requirements facing pipeline operators, and specifically the need for accurate and timely survey services.

The complementary abilities of our Pipeline Design and Integrity Groups allow for a full-service project solution. Sakshi Survey Engineering capability to deliver sub-centimeter accuracy survey data comes from experienced staff members who have conducted large-scale pipeline surveys across the country. We take pride in our processes.

Topographical Survey

Any site from a single plot to a large multi-acre development. Sakshi Survey Engineering utilise the latest GPS technology plus Reflectorless and Robotic Total Stations, alongside specialist data processing software. We have over 09 years experience as a business surveying sites across the UK and further afield.

All topographical survey work is provided to the very highest standard, both drawn and digital, and can be delivered in a variety of formats to either the client or RICS specification, as requested.

All of our surveyors are vastly experienced in topographical surveys and hold both CSCS and DBS (formerly CRB) approval as standard. With a large number holding further specialist certification such as, NEBOSH Health & Safety, Confined Space Entry, Manual Handling, Chapter 8 Lighting and Guarding, Network Rail PTS, LUL Entry Permits and EUSR Energy & Utility Skills Register.

Road Survey

In present modern era roads and highways plays a dominant role for transportation. The perfect and smooth roads and highways form the backbone for the better economy, and providing necessary links to vast rural areas across the country.

Good roads and highways are the most important public assets any of the country. Timely enhancement of roads and highways bring immediate and great benefits to communities and people as the better roads and highways give easy access to hospitals, schools, markets with greater comfort, speed, safety and lessen transportation cost.

For the betterment of the country a time to time a surveys should be conducted for roads and highways to determine the condition of the roads, highways and the location of any potentially dangerous voids. These timely roads and highways surveys can be conducted at reasonably fast speeds; therefore it will help in eliminating the need of any road closures.

Contour Survey

Detail surveys are a basic prerequisite for building and land development. In most cases, the purpose of detail surveys is to indicate features on, and adjacent to, a property.

There are a number of site features and levels required by architects and planners. A topographic survey is a vital component of a successful development application for any development of your land. We can undertake topographic surveys using a range of technologies, from remote access reflectorless Total Stations (where there may be restricted access) to GPS technology (large scale topographic surveys).